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auto-watering your plants



good reasons

to choose léo for your plants care

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Very precise watering

Led by humidity sensors, stored water will automatically spread when the plant will need to be watered. Thanks to its 4 liters and level sensor, the storage will be self-suficient for 4 weeks in summer and up to 8 weeks in winter.


Get to know your plants’ need

Tend your garden according to a live feed via our mobile app, and get all the informations from sun exposure through to temperature, with just a single click.


Warns you via the app

Wherever you are, the app LEO BY MEG alerts you as soon as your plant needs you. You can also monitor fertilizer requirements and water levels.


Solar and green energy

Thanks to the latest model of flexible panel, léo is totally energy self-sufficient. The battery is continuously charging thanks to light, whether it’s natural or artificial.

Let's discover

The wooden pedestal

Thanks to the noé pedestal, léo gains height. With this wooden made accessory, your planter is raised by 18,5 cm.

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